Preventing PPD: Summary of the plan

A few people have asked me to write about the plan I made and followed to prevent post-partum depression (a.k.a. post-natal depression or PND). I have had regular depression off and on since I was a teenager, and have a strong family history of it. I was quite depressed during my first pregnancy (and mildly depressed during my second) and was terrified of developing PPD. So I set out to figure out and do whatever I could to prevent PPD. Some of it I researched and planned, and some of it was just stuff I fell backwards into, but I never had any PPD (I, of course, had major hormonal mood swings the first few weeks, but those aren't PPD).

I could honestly write a book about this, so there's no way it will fit into one post. I'm thinking it'll probably take me half a dozen or so posts to put up the basics.

Please note that I'm not guaranteeing that doing all the things in my plan will prevent PPD, but if you do all of them you'll have created a support system for yourself that will act as a safety net so if you do develop PPD those people will be able to help you get treated ASAP.

Here's the outline of what I did, and what I'll talk about in my posts on this:

1. Setting yourself up for a Good birth (my definition of Good is pretty simple)
2. Getting your feeding support in place before you give birth
3. Getting your other support in place for the first few months
4. Finding your tribe
5. Taking care of yourself physically
6. Taking care of yourself emotionally
7. Staying afloat during really rough waters