Q&A: gagging with a spoon

Julia writes:

"My 14.5-month-old daughter has recently discovered her gag reflex. Apparently, she finds it fascinating.  It usually begins at the end of a meal when she teethes on her fingers, which she then begins to insert further and further into her throat.  Gagging ensues.  Much, noisy gagging.  And lots of drool.  And sometimes actual vomit.

I try not to make too big a deal of it, because I've definitely seem how overreacting can encourage a behavior.  But is it okay to just let her go on gagging herself?  Will she lose interest soon?  Have you heard of other kids doing this? (You could tell me it means she's a genius, and I'd choose to believe you.)  It's quite unseemly in public places, where I'm convinced people will think I'm a careless bulimic who's let her daughter watch her purge.

Any suggestions or stories of comfort?"

I had totally forgotten about this phase. I have no idea if it's, like, normal, but El Chico went through the gagging phase. He'd mostly use his finger (or whole fist sometimes), and only barfed once or twice. It was grody stage, but transitory. It lasted maybe a few weeks, and then he lost interest, for sure.

And don't worry about people thinking she learned it from you. As if!