Q&A: Nursing bras for bigger breasts

Danielle writes:

"Where can I find the best selection (and best) nursing bras for big boobed mamas?  I wear a 36DD-36DDD (aka E).  I am down to one that fits well (Eve Alexander) but I want one with underwire for better support during the day.  I have a ton of Bravados but I can't wear them during the day."

Before I give up the goods, I'm going to make a public service announcement for postpartum women of all sizes, whether you're nursing or not (and adoptive moms, if you ate your way through the endless wait, this goes for you, too):

Go get a bra fitting.

Your breasts have probably changed shape or size or both during pregnancy or the long wait, so you need to get a fitting instead of guessing and wandering around in a poorly-fitting bra. A properly-fitted bra will give you better posture, make you look taller and thinner, alleviate back pain, make your clothes look better, and relieve breast pain. Plus it'll make you feel hotter in general.

It doesn't hurt, and it's free when you buy a bra from the store (you probably need a new one anyway). Don't make me nag you again.

Now, I'll assume that you've had a bra fitting recently and know that you're in one of the larger sizes (anything above 38 band size or C cup size). You probably can't find any decent nursing bras off the rack at regular big-box stores, so you'll have to go to a local specialty store that sells nursing bras or an online store with nursing bras in larger sizes.

In Boston go to Isis Maternity.

In Chicago call The Art of Breastfeeding (you can get a fitting at their office or they'll do a house call!).

In Detroit go to Sunny J's Lingerie and Leisure Wear (550 Forest Ave, Plymouth, 734-453-8584).

In NYC, go to the Town Shop or Upper Breast Side in Manhattan or Boing Boing in Brooklyn (204 6th Ave at Union Street, 718-398-0251).

In Philadelphia go to The Lacatation Center at Pennsylvania Hospital (8th and Spruce in Center City).

In Portland, Oregon, go to Just Like a Woman.

In Seattle go to Birth and Beyond.

In Washington, DC, go to The Breastfeeding Center.

If you live in another city that has a special store for nursing bras and supplies, leave it in the comments so we can spread the knowledge.

Two great online stores with bras in a wiiiiiiide range of sizes:

BirthandBaby.com stocks nurisng bras from size 32A to 48KK. You can sort by what you're looking for (support, comfort, etc) and by size.

BreakOutBras.com also has a good selection of nursing bras for larger sizes, and the owner of the store has helpful comments on each model.

As usual, if you have any more info or suggestions of places to buy "big girl" bras, leave them in the comments or email them and I'll add them to this post once my internet service is up again. The large-breasted nursers of the internet thank you.