A great website plug

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So I got this email a week ago with the same "I thought your readers might want to know about this" line that I get sometimes from people wanting me to pimp their products on Ask Moxie. Sometimes they're things I already know about and was planning to mention anyway, and sometimes they're things I see no use for so I don't mention, and sometimes they're scary things like trying to get you guys to sign up to expose your parenting style to ridicule on national television.

But this thing was cool. Way cool.

It's called Amiglia.com, and it's a website that is basically an interactive family tree. Each person in your family has a profile page with photos (you can upload easily from Flickr or your hard drive) and stories and recipes and music. You connect the people so they make a family tree. You can upload tons of photos and tag and edit them so they go together in albums (like "family reunion 2005" or "cousins" or things like that). You can send a general email to everyone in your family tree through the program. It reminds you of whose birthday is coming up. You can set it up so the tree is viewable by the public or only people with the password, and allow anyone with the password to upload to the site or only you. There's also a cool toddler game (it has sound so turn your speakers off if you're at work) that's like a talking photo album slide show.

Last year at my huge family reunion (125 people) we were talking about how cool something like this would be, but the one we envisioned wasn't half as robust as this one. I'm in love.

Here's the best part: They're in beta now, so anyone who joins now gets a free membership. (I think the listed prices they'll charge once they officially roll out were absolutely reasonable anyway.) So go join now.