Reader call: New Year's Resolutions (and weight slow-down)

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful transition into 2007. In honor of the new year and new start, I thought we could share any ideas we have for becoming better parents. 

Before we get to that, though, I wanted to address a question I've been getting a lot lately. It seems that many of you have been going in to pediatrician checkups soon after your babies start crawling, and your doctors have been concerned that the steady weight gain has dropped off. I'm confused about this, because I thought it was common knowledge (at least among my friends and our pediatricians, and my mom, and lots of the older generation) that as soon as babies start moving around they stop gaining weight as fast (if at all) because all those calories go into movement.

I'm even more confused by the fact that your doctors are suggesting that you either stop nursing (???) or start forcing your babies to eat things like straight butter, Cheerios (which have fewer calories and less fat than breast milk or formula), or Cheetos with ranch dressing (yes, this is a real suggestion from someone's ped in an email I got). I am really rendered speechless by this kind of advice.

So when you leave your New Year's resolution, could you also leave your kids' data points (if they're over the crawling stage)? It would help other parents know what's normal.

Here's my info:

My New Year's resolution is to yell less by planning ahead more, especially with getting dressed, which seems to be our stuck spot. I'm also going to try to be in the moment more with my children, even when it's doing things I don't love.

My kids' data points (both breastfed past a year, solids started right around 6 months or so):
#1: birth--9.5 lbs, 6 months--20 lbs, crawled at 8.5 months, 1 year 25--lbs
#2: birth--8.5 lbs, 6 months--17 lbs, crawled at 8 months, 1 year--20 lbs