Reader call: Vacation spots for toddlers

And now for something completely different. Nina writes:

"My 4-year-old has spring break from his preschool the first week of April. I was wondering if you and your readers could suggest good places to go on vacation with my son and our 11-month-old daughter. She's crawling but not walking yet. We live in the northeastern USA, so we'd prefer something a little warmer than what we're experiencing now. I'd also be happy to take suggestions for a kid-friendly vacation spot during the summer. Thanks!"

This is a fun question. I'd suggest Puerto Rico because you're in the NE and it's a relatively short flight. (3-4 hours, depending on where you fly from). The island is beautiful and, IME, very kid-friendly because everyone just welcomes kids as part of daily life. Fried appetizers and frozen desserts are everywhere, and babies seem to love mofongo, so your kids will eat. I'd recommend going to El Yunque (the tropical rainforest) as the trails as short and easily do-able with a 4-year-old and a baby in a backpack, Luquillo Beach (very very shallow grade into the water), El Fortaleza (cool history and a big wide green space to run around on) and the art museum (well-curated, great collection of Puerto Rican art from colonial times through the poster movement throough modern scene sculptures). It's easily manageable for non-Spanish speakers.

There's also Florida, which I don't really have to talk up to anyone, and the Carolina coast. Anyone else want to play?