Starting month 2 of my job, and starting a new babysitter today.

No time to elaborate now, but what would push you to fire a babysitter? Tonight I'll write what made me do it.

UPDATE: I'm back. This is why we fired the first babysitter:

1. She was late to pick up my 5-year-old from preschool 5 times. Twice it was 10 minutes late, twice 20(!) minutes late, and one time she was 40 minutes late. That last time, the teachers had to leave, so my son went to the playground with his friend (thank goodness for his friend's mother), and when the babysitter finally showed up (after telling me on the phone she was just a minute away when I got the call 20 minutes after school was let out) 40 minutes late, she didn't even acknowledge the other mother. (Today I found out that she yelled at my son's teacher for having told us she was showing up late!)

2. She accidentally started a small fire in the toaster over (which could happen to anyone), and then threw water on it to put it out. Isn't it general knowledge that throwing water on an electrical fire is bad bad bad?

3. When asked why my younger son's diaper was so soggy at the end of the day she said, "Oh, I thought you only changed it when he pooped."

(At this point you're wondering where we found her. She came highly recommended by our old part-time babysitter, who we loved. It was really disappointing.)

Also, she showed up late every morning and made me late for work.

A note about our childcare situation: We only needed a few months' coverage, until the boys will be home with their dad all summer. So I was willing to put up with a little more than I would have if we'd needed someone long-term. Our new sitter seems to be great, but she knows we only need her for a few more weeks. If anyone in NYC wants someone energetic and just lovely and competent starting mid-June, I've got your woman.