"Are you breastfeeding?" response

Joe wrote back with an update and some context!

“Moxie, many of your readers wanted to know why I asked the question. Here’s the context:  Our Lake Association always has a picnic following Lake Clean-Up Day chores.  Our new neighbors brought their new 3-week old baby to the picnic.  Everyone loved seeing the new baby. My wife and I had sent a cute card to the new parents.  When you opened the card, one of those musical cards, it played, ‘Rock around the Clock’.  When I had a chance to talk to the new Mother, I asked if she was spending a lot of time rocking the baby, and she expressed their appreciation for the card.  I said I appreciated how much time and effort a new baby requires and are you also breastfeeding (because that requires even more effort on your part)?  It was at this point that a neighbor overheard the conversation and said, ‘What kind of question is that?  Your wife can ask that question, but you can’t.’  Of course, I don’t know which was worse, my question, or my neighbor’s interruption of a private conversation.  Later, when I sent him Moxie’s response, he said he was only joking, and suggested I forget it.  So, that’s the context and the reason for the question.  It was more of a commiseration with the new Mother of the effort required, and of course, the fun and rewards associated with a new baby.”

How does knowing the context change your answer? Since I didn't actually give an opinion the first time (on whether I'm in Camp 1, 2, or 3) I'll leave it all up to you guys.