My Q, Your A: business trip tips

So I'm going on a business trip for a few days next week. (I've set posts to autopost, so assuming technology works and I didn't misschedule them, you should have a new post every day, even while I'm someplace else.) Some of you may recall that my first three days of work were a business trip. That was a little strange. But now I've been at my company long enough to actually know what I'm doing, so I'm thinking this might be a good time to share ideas about being a parent who travels occasionally on business.

My only tip (and I learned this from my mom, who figured it out when my dad was travelling on business when I was a kid) was to try to call in the morning to talk to your kids, so that they get that early-morning contact to start their day off. I'm planning on calling in the morning for them and in the evening for me ('cause I know that's when I miss them the most).

What else do you have? Tips on dealing with missing your kids and staying in contact with them? Tips for the actual travel? Best wheelie suitcases? Where you can find a bottle of volumizing mousse for straight hair that's 3 ounces or less?

(And I'd tell you where I'm going, but I have to socialize with the other people on my trip every night so I wouldn't have time to see anyone anyway or go to the places you'd recommend.)