Q&A/Reader call: Developmental spurts after one year

Fahmi writes:

"I was wondering something. I think our almost-seventeen month old is hitting a Wonder-Week or some kind of a regression because he's been generally clingy and cranky lately. At your recommendation, we got the Wonder Weeks book and it was wonderful - but now that we've passed the year mark, we feel adrift, lost, confused.

From your experience, and with everyone else that comments on your site, what are some of the regressions, wonder-week like moments that we can look forward to after the first year? I've read about the 18 month one, and the hump from two to three years old. Any others?"

I know. It's awful not to know when the next spurt/regression is coming up. These are the things that I've observed. Please, everyone, confirm or deny my observations and add any of your own.

15 months: Kids who have previously not been sleeping through start to sleep through the night and/or go down more easily. This is useful because after 15 months of no sleep you're almost ready to hurl yourself off a bridge.

16 months: Just when your life was getting back on track, your toddler will start to get cranky and want to do everything him- or herself, but won't be able to. Constant whining and battles ensue. You reconsider the bridge plan.

18 months: Your little pumpkin starts waking up 2-5 times a night. Even kids who've been sleeping through (and not just that "sleeping through" that means five hours at a time) start waking up again. "What fresh hell is this?" you ask, but no one seems to know the answer. Breathe deeply and stay away from bridges.

20 months: Your child starts sleeping through the night again. as if nothing ever happened. You feel like you're being gaslighted, but are a little more rested. At least the nights are back in shape, because "pain in the ass" is a true understatement for the daytime.

21 months: Something strange clicks in your child's head and s/he seems to be more mature, competent, and calm overnight.

22 months: This child is a joy! I could eat those chubby cheeks and listen to that lisp all day long. Let's have another baby right! now!

That brings us mostly through the second year. Does anyone have anything to add?