Happy Independence Day. Now ask us a question.

[UPDATE: You are amazing! 35 comments on a holiday! I'm going to leave this at the top for Thursday, too, so we can continue the exchange of information.]

Oops. I totally forgot that for my non-American readers today isn't a holiday. Sorry. And I also apologize for completely missing Canada Day, which was Monday. (Did anyone else see this article saying that a majority of Canadians couldn't answer enough questions to pass their own citizenship test? Made me feel better about not being able to name the Canadian Prime Minister* last week when quizzed by my boss. Of course, that raises the question about whether it's better for a head of state to be unknown or infamous.)

So for my non-American readers**, I'd like to provide a service. Ask us any question about the US or Americans, and we will answer over the next few days (when we're back from grilling hot dogs, eating apple pie, and shooting off fireworks). Good topics include parenting, food, idioms, labor law, etc. We promise not to be offended unless it's clear that your intent is to offend, in which we will threaten to "open up a can of whupass."

Americans, fortify yourselves with grilled foods and watermelon so you can answer.

* Am I the only one that thinks it's funny that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's name isn't anywhere on the first page of his official government website?

** What the heck--let's ask each other questions, too. I know plenty of you in other parts of the country have questions about New Yorkers or Midwesterners. I may post some questions of my own in the comments.