Q&A: naming "lady parts" with kids

Michele writes:

"What do you call your "lady parts" with children?

I mean, you can't go wrong with "pee-pee" for penis, but I'm not loving the word "vagina" (and technically, that's *not* my vagina, it's my vulva) and since  Andrew (2.5 yrs) is in his name-everything-a-million-times-a-day phase I listen to a lot of "Andrew has a pee-pee, momma has a pee-pee, daddy has a pee-pee."

He surprised me in the shower the other day and said "Look at momma's bum!," pointing to what some would call the "front bum." From there, it turned into "Momma has a hairy bum. A hairy black bum." So, you understand why I need a name? He doesn't see me naked often, not because I am a prude, but we don't co-sleep and I shower at night, so there's not much opportunity for it.

I tried out "yoni," which is the Indian word, i think. Sounds much prettier, huh? Until at bedtime last night, Andrew caressed my cheek, grabbed my hair and said "Momma has a yoni hat on her head.""

This clearly isn't the most pressing question in the Ask Moxie queue, but it's definitely the funniest. And since the heat is addling my brain (such that I somehow lost yesterday's post and didn't realize it, thinking auto-post had worked and you were reading my dubious words of wisdom, until this morning) it's the best you're going to get for today.

I went with vulva. It's accurate; it's reasonably pronounceable; and I'm really into straight-up information. (Which is why I also went with penis and testicles.) Of course, then you end up with kids saying things like "Mommy has a vulva hat on your head." But what's the alternative? They're going to use whatever words you give them in a funny way anyway.

"Yoni hat." Heh.

Anyone else? What did you go with? And how did your kids embarrass you with language?