Titles of posts

Most of the time, I use the same title for a post that the questioner used as the subject line of the email. Sometimes I change it if I think the subject line doesn't reflect the actual question, and I'll put in more details if it's too vague.

Somebody emailed me yesterday to say she thought putting the smacking in the title of yesterday's post was a little harsh. I agreed, but it was the subject line Anonymous used in her email to me. I would have changed it if it hadn't reflected the majority of the question ("Problems with pack 'n' play," for example). While I don't think the smacking is the true issue (and would probably have titled the post something like "I'm drowning, and I really need help"), it is what pushed anonymous to email me. I also thought it would catch the attention of all of us who may have grabbed a little too hard, yelled a little too loud, or even hit when we couldn't think of what else to do.

And it did, and you guys responded so lovingly and with such amazing support. I still have no idea why this blog attracts such kind, smart, sensible readers and commenters. I think in the hundreds of posts we've done I've had maybe one troll ever. Who knows why. I just want to thank you all again.

And now for something completely silly, just to give us all a breather. (I'm still a little sad about Anonymous, and for all of us, because it seems like we're all just going around in our own little bubbles of pain and inadequacy, when really, we're not alone.)

Linda writes:

"Why does my 13 month-old spend so much time standing on her head and looking through her legs??"

I think she likes the physical sensation. Have you tried it? it's kind of cool to have your head hanging down and swinging like that, and to interact with gravity in a different way. Plus, she gets to see things upside down.

What are the other strange things that your kids do, and how old are they? My 5-year-old is obsessed with baseball and calls me at work to tell me how his teams did the night before. My 2-year-old does this funny little stumpy dance turning around and around and stomping his feet.