Assorted thoughts

Today's post is going to be a mash-up of a bunch of stuff going through my head.

Before I start with my braindump, let me posit this:

pomegranate and chipotle : 2007 :: roasted beet and goat cheese : 1998.

Now, the items of importance, in no particular order:

1. Time change and how it's screwing up your sleep, your child's sleep, your pet's sleep, or any combination thereof. Complain away. Also muse on whether we should just switch to daylight savings time permanently.

2. XO laptop computers available to order today. I'm not quite as excited about them now as I was when I first heard about them. They're very cute, but honestly, I'd rather wait until the second version comes out, or at least until a few have been manufactured so we know what the bugs are. If $399 wasn't an issue for me I know I'd be getting one for my older son, but it is a significant chunk of money for me, so I think I'm going to hold off and see what happens   

3. WHO growth charts for breastfed babies. Someone emailed to ask me about them, so I figured more of you might appreciate the link:

4. Do any of you have any magical solutions for kids with chronic ear infections for one of my friends? He was breastfed as a baby, and is now a toddler who has tubes and still gets ear infections all winter. They're giving up dairy soon. There's got to be something that works to stop the ear infections.

5. Do any of you know how to do podcasts? I feel like I should know more about this than I do.