Holiday gifts part 2

Today can we talk about things we can make?

I knit and sew and cook, so the handmade gifts I give are all of the knitted, sewed, or baked variety. I know what I'm going to knit for my friends from college this year (some of whom read this every once in awhile, so I won't say it here). I'm going to sew a long furry snake (don't ask) for my younger son.

A really nice gift is teaching someone else how to do something you can do. Not only do you get to show someone how to do something they want to know how to do, but you also get to spend time together during the lessons.

Alice jumped the gun yesterday in her comment about making their Christmas tree each year, but I think that's an amazing idea. If I wasn't so addicted to the smell of pine I'd steal it and pretend it was my own idea.

What else are the rest of you going to make?