Q&A: Sleep problems on a regular cycle

Hey, I completely missed the time change! I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, and it switched automatically, so I didn't have any idea it had happened until I'd been awake for three hours. Duh.

After two years, no one asks me anything about sleep that I haven't heard before. Except for this question from Katriona (love that name, BTW), which would surely win an award if I had any awards to give:

"Ok, here's my weird sleep question.  It seems that every month DS's sleep goes wonky (he's 9 months old).  By wonky I mean waking every 45-ish minutes, crying a lot in his sleep, having a tough time settling.  He's not a great sleeper to start with, up every couple of hours to nurse or cuddle, so we co-sleep.  No biggie, I really love co-sleeping.  Anyway, I started to notice that his wonky sleeping always occurs about 2-3 days before a full moon and settles back down 1-2 days after the full moon.  I don't think it's food related (he's still almost exclusively breastfed) and I don't think it's anything in my diet that's effecting him via the breast milk.  In your experience, or anyone else's experience, has the full moon really affected your child's sleep?  Or am I just grasping at straws trying to explain why my son's sleep gets all weird?"

You know, the moon shouldn't be able to affect a child's sleep by the logic of our 21st century world. And yet, if it is, then it is. Just because we don't understand it doesn't mean it's not happening. The map is not the territory, you know?

Are there any ER doctors/nurses reading who know if it's actually true that there are more injuries around a full moon? Because if there are more injuries then, then whatever aspect of the moon's phase that causes more injuries could certainly be keeping Katriona's son up.

The only other explanations I can think of are that 1) if Katriona has her menstrual cycle back and her cycle falls around the full moon time the quantity of her milk could be affected* and that could cause the extra wakings, and the timing would just be coincidental, and 2) the full moon could be causing something else to happen in the environment that's waking up Katriona's son (maybe her neighbor has his men's drum circle meeting during the full moon every month and the drumming and howling wakes up the baby, or the moon makes all the dogs in the neighborhood go nuts and bark all night and that wakes him up, etc.).

But if it's neither of those things, then personally I'm totally willing to just accept that the full moon is making her son's sleep wig out. Anyone want to agree or talk me out of it? Happy Monday.

* Some women experience a drop in milk supply each month right at the beginning of their menstrual periods. The fix for this is to supplement with calcium (preferably a calcium and magnesium mix) for a few days before and into your period each month. I don't think enough women know this, so please pass it on.