School lunch cry for help

Hey, have any of you tried the new Amazon Kindle? They keep sending me emails about it. It's a wireless device that you can load books onto and read. I have to admit that the idea of eliminating all my stacks and stacks of books (seriously--they're like wire coathangers in the way they seem to multiply) is tempting. (I wouldn't get rid of my current library--perish the thought--but would be able to avoid new acquisitions.) The $400 price point seems kind of decent. But then I just can't imagine how it would be comfortable to read from a screen, any screen. I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried it. (The review are predictably conflicting: "It will replace the book by next year!" "It's unconscionable!")

(Also, I don't know if I'm really supposed to release this little tidbit yet, but is going to start a book club soon. Hooray! An online book club, and I don't have to do any work on it. I'll post more info when I get it.)

Now, on to the school lunch outcry. From Lisa:

"How about a starting a discussion on school lunches?

Every mum I know has trouble thinking of healthy tasty food that doesn't go off in a hot lunch box, that their kid will actually eat!  Any change from the humble sandwich would be a treat in my house!"

I know we've talked about it before back at the beginning of the year, but here we are in the thick of things, when school lunches have gotten to be routine. Some kids like that (mine, although he allowed me to add clementines to the mix this morning), while other kids want variety.

I should report in on the results of the Laptop Lunchbox experiment: My older son decided he didn't want to use his anymore, because it wasn't a licensed character lunchbox like his best friend S. has. So much for innovation. The kid's apparently a victim of peer pressure. His little brother loves the Laptop Lunchbox, though, so he's been using it for snacks.

We'll see what happens as they get older.

Every day we need a lunch (doesn't usually get eaten, because they're too busy running around) and a snack (usually gets eaten completely). So I'm packing a small lunch (today was a half sandwich and a clementine) and a larger snack (cheese, fruit leather, crackers, cucumber).

Here's a shot of my RL friend Beth's bento boxes for her kids. Here's the Vegan Lunchbox site (want vegetables? talk to the vegetarians). More bento boxes for kids' lunches ("frozen rice"? Interesting...).

Please post your ideas or links. I'm interested to see if we get any kinds of regional foods, or if parents all over the world are packing the same things.