Digital storage, eczema, T-Tapp, sex dreams

1) Alison is going to write a post exclusively about digital storage. I don't know when it'll post--maybe next week, or the week after--but be on the lookout for it. I'm so happy she's contributing all her wisdom, and the whole keeper vs. purger concept has already helped me immensely. The digital storage thing is frightening me, but I'm sure she'll help us wade through it.

3) Does anyone who's been doing T-Tapp want to write up their experience? I've been getting emails from people asking me if it's for real (from both a health improvement and weight-loss standpoint), because the T-Tapp website sounds too good to be true and too infomercial-esque. I figure it'd be easier to trust reviews from people we "know" from here. (My babysitter started doing the 15-minute workout last week, and measured after a week of doing it and has lost 2.25 inches off her waist.)

4) Here's one for you to comment on anonymously. Anonymous writes:

"I am pushing past the embarrassing nature of this questions because I really just need to confirm that other people have had the same experience! My 9-month old daughter sleeps in bed with me in the mornings after my husband leaves for work, usually between 6-8am. I get her from her crib when she wakes, we lay down and I begin nursing, we both fall asleep and it's great. Lately she continues to stay latched and sucking for what seems like that whole two hours, and I've started having sex dreams (about my husband, THANK GOODNESS) during that time, probably twice a week. I can only guess that it's from the nipple stimulation! I know it doesn't make me a pervert, and I know there is likely no way to stop it from happening (other than stopping the nursing/sleeping set-up altogether), so I'm not necessarily looking for advice. Just please let me know I'm not the only one!"

Hee hee.


"This just in") Thanks for making me runner-up for Best Family and Parenting Blog of 2007 on! Especially since I completely forgot to mention it while the voting was still open. Duh.