Check 1, 2

So we're back up again, I hope. I still don't know if the posting/comment/directory problem is definitively fixed or not. And the problem remains that whenever it rains too much my cable internet connection in my apartment goes out. (It's a building-wide problem that seems to afflict only our building, out of aaaalllll the buildings in Manhattan.) But in the meantime I lost a post I'd started. I'll try to redo it and post it tonight or tomorrow.

I am feeling a little defeated today, after a nasty shoe-throwing-leading-to-lateness-to-school incident this morning that left me feeling bruised by the Mothering Experience. And then on the way to work I was really just wondering if I'm ever going to find real love. Not a panicked, "Oh, no, I'm going to end up alone." Because believe me, alone would be F-I-N-E fine! But I do have a ton to give, and now that I know who I am it would be nice to have that breathless feeling again, but for the right reasons.

Maybe it's just the spring weather and the end of a looooong week talking.

I'll try to resurrect that post.