....and we're back!

Wow. Sorry about that, guys. I just blithely went off on my vacation with my laptop in my sweet new laptop bag (perfect for travel because it's big and you can cram a lot of stuff in it, but probably too big for a trip to the local coffee shop--you'd probably want the sleeve instead) thinking I'd be able to post from my grandma's. She lives in a neighborhood with a lot of college students who don't lock down their wi-fi, so I can always hop on and steal some bandwidth.

Of course, the semester ended a few weeks ago, so no one's there, and not an unprotected wi-fi signal in sight. Duh.

Then when I got back on the grid in the Twin Cities, I was running from dawn (my 3-year-old woke no later than 5:30 every single day) 'til dusk.

Lesson learned: Set posts to auto-post before I leave, even if I'm absolutely sure I'll be able to post from vacation.

But, I had a good beach meet-up with a reader in the Winona area and her sweet fat little baby and funny husband. And the Twin Cities meet-up was good at Chutes & Ladders. We made it through a flash downpour and the fact that I forgot to bring any kind of signage to indicate who I was. I recognized Rudy in Paris right away, because she looks exactly like her online voice. Amy and Julie were there, too. I hope no one else showed up and left because they couldn't figure out who we were!

I always feel a little strange when I meet people who read Ask Moxie. I'm worried that I'm not glamorous enough, and they'll somehow be disillusioned when they discover that I really am just stultifying normal (except, of course, for the laptop bag, which is glamorous). But at the same time that's the whole point, that I'm not that special, just a regular person struggling not to believe the hype. So maybe it's good that I get all red in the sun, and get a little lost in the rental car, and my kids make butt jokes all the time.

Later today I'll post a question that came up at the Twin Cities meet-up.