Since I'm not sure this will either post or stay posted

...I'll just tell you what I came up with that made me think I'm a genius. I'm going to two family reunions this summer. At the last family reunion on one side, there was some consternation because some people had old photos and other people wanted copies of them but the people with the originals didn't want to have to make copies or give up the photos for someone else to make copies, etc.

So I've decided to bring my laptop to the reunion and ship myself this $50 4.5-star-rated scanner. We're telling everyone to bring their old photos and historical documents, and will force the teenagers to take turns on scanning duty during the actual event. Everyone gets to leave the reunion with their own photos intact, and the next week I'll put them up on Shutterfly and let everyone print out the number and sizes they want for normal photo prices (instead of the huge prices you get charged for copies of old photos).

At the end of the reunion, I'm going to sell raffle tickets to recoup the $50 for the scanner, and the winner of the raffle goes home with the scanner.