Data points, please

So things are moving along in my life. Which means I need to think about things that are going to be helpful to the kids after the divorce and splitting of the households. I'm hoping you guys can tell me things that you did if you divorced that you thought were good, or things that you wish you'd done differently. If your parents divorced, please talk about what they did that was good or bad, and what you wished had happened after the divorce that didn't, or things you think your parents did right.

You can post whatever you want here, but just so you know, the kids are going to see each of us almost every day and we don't have any reason to badmouth the other one (and we wouldn't even if we did). And we don't have the money to try to bribe the kids with toys, and neither of us have any problems saying no to things the kids ask for that aren't possible. So all the big problems you hear about--loss of contact, sniping and bad-mouthing, and bribery and spoiling out of guilt--shouldn't be issues. I'm looking for stuff that is smaller and wouldn't necessarily occur to a parent. Although, of course, you're welcome to post anything you want, especially if it gives you the chance to get it off your chest.

Oh, and sorry for two divorce-related topics in a row! Tomorrow is another day.