Becoming a single mom

Jennifer writes:

"I'm a new reader but not a mom. I'm considering the single mom routeand was wondering if you had suggestions for good references for going about it. I've read a little bit but since this is such a scary topic, I haven't done much research yet. Mainly, I was looking for a place to start learning. In particular, I'm interested in the actual process of finding donors and then the impact on the resulting kids."

Good questions! I have no answers. But I'm positive someone in the crowd does, and is going to have great suggestions for places to start reading and talking to people.

One thing I do know is that if you live in a bigger city, there's probably a support group for single moms in your area. You might be able to contact them and see if you could talk to some people in real life about the single mom experience, whether they did it with a donor, or adoption, or started up as part of a couple and ended up single.

Good luck with your journey!

Readers? Where should she start?