Book title for a reader?

This just in, from Laura:

"My question/plea of the day is....can you help with the name of a bookI know I read about on your site? At some point over the last 12 months, a book on one post --- somewhere--at some point--by someone.....(you are starting to see my dilema)....i know i got the info from your site but can't seem to pull it back out of the archives! The book sounded wonderful but I can NOT remember the details like name or what topic to search your site under. I tried the book reviews but is there another step to searching for a title linked within your reader's posts or might you just off the top of your head remember such a book?

I think the book in question was actually suggested by another poster who had experienced loads of trauma herself and was 'relearning' what was 'normal' functional behaviour/boundaries and integrating the book into balanced parenting for herself. Then again...perhaps it was a book you had reviewed and people were commenting on it....argh! The subject was learning what normal looks like and how to get there...or something to that effect."

I have no idea what she's talking about, so it must have been in the comments section. I know one of you must have posted it, so please post it again to help a sister on her road to mental health and better parenting.