The moving van finally came yesterday. The contents of my apartment now: my clothes, the dresser my parents gave me when I was 15, most of the kitchen stuff, the kids' bedroom stuff, the toys, the TV, my Ikea chair, and the ratty couch I've been sleeping on for 20 months. (And a couple of other things the movers didn't take but which will leave in the next week or so.)

It feels liberating. And sad for the boys. And like I need a bed, some storage, and a new couch that doesn't poke me when I sit on it.

Which brings me to the Pledge Drive: Thank you! I can now buy a couch and some storage, and a friend who's upgrading is giving me her old bed.

Also, I wanted to share some good news that temporarily for me got overshadowed by all the bad news last week: My younger brother (the one who's a carpenter and looks like Matt Damon) asked his girlfriend to marry him, and she said yes!

I am thrilled for them. They dated in high school, and then broke up when she went to college, and then ran into each other 10 years later and started dating again. I called to tell him I was getting divorced, and he was just starting to date her again, and what he said to me made me cry: "I can't explain it, but being with her is just effortless. Every other relationship I've been in since her has been uphill."

They have the kind of connection and relationship I hope to have with someone someday. I can't wait for them to be married, and for her to be my sister.