How did summer end so fast?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! How did it get to be Labor Day weekend?

This week has been pretty much a wash here on Ask Moxie. And I'm feeling like a bad mother (shut you mouth!) because I just now, 3 minutes ago, ordered my older son's backpack and lunchbox for school this year, which starts on Tuesday. (Yankees, natch)

Quick report in on the Laptop Lunchbox system I got last year: I love love loved it. My son liked all the little compartments. But he didn't like that the lunchbox didn't have a strap for carrying. And he also didn't like that there wasn't some licensed character on the lunchbox. (Because lunch without Lightning McQueen or Derek Jeter is worse than no lunch at all, apparently.) So I ended up using the little containers with lids inside his soft-sided lunchbox.

The number of things I have to do is astronomical, with the kids, at work, with the apartment (which is getting there slowly but surely), church, professionally, personally. It's kind of mind-blowing. I should feel exhausted, but instead I'm kind of looking forward to all of it. Is this what it's like to be happy with where I am, mostly?

I'd like to remind New Yorkers (or metro New York-area people) that we're meeting up NEXT weekend, on Sunday, September 7, at noon, in Central Park. I've described the location (just to the west of the roller bladers) extensively here. Come with or without kids, and bring whatever you want them to eat. It's a spot pretty near bathrooms, and we'll have background music courtesy of the roller bladers.

Tuesday's post is going to be about making friends with other parents at preschool, and then we'll have more on sleep, teaching toddlers not to hit dogs, and other fun topics for the rest of the week.

Sigh. What do you all have cooking? Good, bad, ugly?