I am Lucy in the candy factory

Sorry about disappearing on Friday. I took the day off work to rent a pickup truck and drive up to Westport, CT (with my mom and the kids) to my friend's house to get her bed. She and her husband  upgraded to a king size, so gave me their queen.

The mattress and box spring didn't fit all that well in the back of the truck. Fortunately, Hector of Hector's Lawn Service and his guys strapped them down with some makeshift bungees. Then they warned me sternly that it probably wouldn't hold at speeds faster than 50 miles per hour. So I drove through Westport, on I-95, and then into Manhattan with these mattresses flopping around, in the slow lane, annoying the other drivers because I was keeping it below 50.

At a certain point I accepted that I wasn't going to have the truck back in time to avoid a late fee. About 3 minutes after that, I got stuck in a huge traffic jam. Did any of you read that Julio Cortázar story about the traffic jam that's so long that people stuck in the jam fall in love and have a baby before they can get moving again? It felt like that. But at least then I wasn't making anyone mad by going too slow.

We finally got to my apartment, and my mom and I got the mattress and box spring into the building, I returned the truck, then my super helped me get the mattress and box spring into my new bedroom. And I slept on a bed in my own apartment for the first time in two years!

Somewhere in there I forgot to post a post. I apologize.