Olympic Fever--Catch it!

Are you guys as crazy for the Olympics as we are Chez Moxie? Thanks to the miracle of the DVR, we can record lots of the coverage and then just go through it until we find stuff we want to watch. Women's beach volleyball was a hit with both boys, plus swimming and gymnastics. My older one can name all the US swimmers of both sexes, and is also a new fan of Park Taehwan.

Not as much interest in fencing as I'd have anticipated from the kids, but they are both awed by synchronized diving. Have you seen any of it? It's insane. Who got the idea to ask two people to do the same difficult, daredevil dives at the same time with the same cadence and angles and movements?

My older one made it almost all the way through the opening ceremonies on Friday night, falling asleep just before the passing of the flame. We watched all the countries enter together, and realized we don't have a world atlas! I had to haul out the Risk board to try to explain where all the countries were, but that was only moderately successful. So that's something we need to get to have an educated household.

Quotes of the games so far from my children:

The older one, in a flash of realization: "Hey, President Bush is in China at the Olympics! That means the country can do whatever we want while he's gone!"

The younger one, trying to inject himself into the conversation the older one was having with my mother about Michael Phelps winning a gold medal: "An' den he got a quarter on a nucklass!" (Bless my mom for understanding that "a quarter on a necklace" was the Olympic gold medal coin on the ribbon around his neck.)

Are you watching the Olympics, too?