Product Review: Miller Chill

Miller Chill is not good beer. Not not not not.

Let's back up to why I purchased this product in the first place. I was walking through the grocery store and passed the beer aisle, and the bright green packaging of the Chill caught my eye. And I flashed back to when I lived in Mexico City, and how the perfect drink for right after work or a hot Sunday afternoon was a chelada (or michelada, as the people I hung out with called them).

And I knew the Chill wasn't really going to taste like that, but I just couldn't resist and bought it anyway. Hope springs eternal.

Miller Chill tastes like the worst, weakest beer you've ever had, with some limeade in it, left out to go flat, then chilled again.

Do not buy it.

An actual chelada, however, is delicious. If you're doing any end-of-summer parties, or even just chilling out at the end of a long day, I highly recommend serving cheladas. You need:

  • decent beer (A lager is best. Maximum chelada enjoyment can be had with a Bohemia or Sol, but I've made great ones with Heineken and Rolling Rock and even a regular Bud would work just fine. Light beers are going to be too watered down to taste good in this.)
  • limes
  • salt for rimming the glass
  • ice

Squeeze the limes. Dip the rim of a chilled beer glass in the lime juice, then in salt so you rim the glass with the salt. Put about 2 inches (5 cm) of lime juice in the glass, then some ice. Pour in the beer. Disfrute!