Reader call: Music for kids

Clare writes:

I'm hoping you can throw this out to the peanut gallery.  My one yearold loves to dance, and he got an iTunes gift card for his birthday.  I'd love suggestions of good songs/albums/artists to download.  My only criteria for kids' music is that I have to be able to listen to it without the kids around (ie, not really kiddie-music a la Barney or even Raffi, but music that appeals to kids).  So, right now, I've got lots of folk (we love Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie), bluegrass, Zydeco (for parents of the train-obsessed, Buckwheat Zydeco's Choo Choo Bugaloo is fantastic), Irish/Scottish traditional.  I love the Putumayo albums, but they don't appear to be available on iTunes.  Any and all suggestions welcome.  Thanks!

Ideas? My kids are currently into AC/DC and Heart (from the 70s and 80s), but they're also 6 and 3 instead of 1.

We also listen to lots of Earth, Wind, and Fire, ABBA, Aaron Shust, and anything with either a beat or lots of guitar. Sometimes we just watch Jack's Big Music Show if we're looking for something new and silly.

What do you guys recommend?

Also, iTunes gift card as a present for a one-year-old: Excellent.