Super-special offer from T-Tapp

Yes, I know I'm a broken record about T-Tapp. But I haven't ever seen anything that can make you feel so good and help so many of your body's systems run better with such a small investment of time. Sleep better, lift depression and anxiety, regulate your periods, have more energy, and lose inches and tone yourself. All from 15 minutes of exercise a day.

Tomorrow is Teresa Tapp's birthday, so she's making a special offer that I wanted to pass on to you guys. If you buy a copy (or two or three or 10) of her book on tomorrow, August 26, you get:

  • "First, you’ll get to use the one-time 30% Off On Your Entire Order coupon that comes with each book just by showing your proof of purchase (forward your receipt confirmation) from (then just call our office to redeem your coupon when you’re ready).
  • Second, if you decide to give the book away as a gift, then whoever you give the book to will also get to use the coupon in the book for their own one-time 30% off shopping spree with T-Tapp when they send in the coupon to us by mail, fax or email attachment.
  • Third, you can have a DVD or VHS of any of the 3 workouts listed below for free (you have to pay shipping and handling) for each book you purchase.

Free Workout Choices:

  1. Tempo 2: Includes the next two levels of the Total Workout; both the beginning version with 8 reps, and the intermediate version with 10 reps all without instruction.  Chaptered by exercise and easy to navigate! (Retail value $29.95)
  2. Step Away the Inches: Our popular indoor walking workout using T-Tapp techniques – use it in your home and also while you walk throughout the day, on a treadmill, or any outdoor adventures. This routine is a total head to toe body sculpting workout done without any stretchy bands or weights. (Retail value $24.95)
  3. TappCore: Our Fundamental Fitness program designed for developmental bodies for strength, flexibility and a healthy heart. Buddy stars in this DVD as America's Furry Fitness Friend to help young people fit fitness in their day. In truth, this program works for kids and adults – it's got 9 "minute moves" that maximize muscle activation so that you easily fit exercise into your day rather than scheduling your day around exercise. (Retail value $19.95)

Here’s how to get this Special Free Workout Offer for Book Buyers: 

  1. On August 26th, purchase Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes at
  2. By August 29th, register your proof of purchase with our office by fax, mail, or phone by showing us your receipt confirmation.
  3. Select your free* DVD or VHS by calling the office toll free at 1-877-TAPP-FIT (877-827-7348).
  4. Use your one-time 30% book coupon whenever you like."

So if you've been on the fence, now is the time to get the book. For yourself, or for  a friend or family member as a holiday present, or as a baby shower gift (T-Tapp helps prevent PPD as well as helping you get back your body, and you can do it from home in 15 minutes a day, so it's perfect for moms).

Remember, don't order it until tomorrow. I'll remind us all tomorrow morning again.