Well, OK, then

The idea that this is sort of like a pledge drive for public radio really got me. And also the idea that this site replaces a bunch of parenting books.

But what really convinced me was the argument that my thinking it's tacky is basically just another example of a woman not getting paid for work that a man would get paid for, because women are not supposed to need money. But, you know what? I do need money. My job is not fancy and I don't make a lot of money, especially by NYC standards. If I could move to someplace with a lower cost of living without spending an extra 1.5-2 hours a day away from my kids because of the commute, I would, but that's not an option right now.

As a few commenters said, I am not in dire need, but I do work hard, so I'm hoping you think of this in the Donna Summer sense, and not in the "which charity should I donate to?" sense. If you're wondering what charity to donate to, please support The Heifer Fund, which does amazing work with people in their local communities and helps keep families together. Also, consider switching to fair-trade chocolate, which directly helps children from being sold into slavery, and fair-trade coffee, which also helps keep kids from pesticide-related birth defects as well as poverty.

So, here we go with the Ask Moxie Pledge Drive:

Please feel free to completely ignore the donate button. And don't forget to read the question below this about "no gifts please" birthdays and put your opinion in the mix.