You're not getting a good post today, because... the past 14 hours:

  • removal of old sofa bed (I now know how to dismantle one!)
  • cleaning up the space where that had been (you can't even imagine what was under there)
  • 2 projectile puking sessions from the three-year-old
  • cleanup from all that
  • internet out at home
  • cleaning lady came and tried to navigate my reorganization of the apartment
  • registering my 6 1/2 year-old for his new school (more on that once I have an opinion)
  • delivery of new furniture

Oh, and I have two guests coming to stay for three days tonight.


So there's no Q&A toady. Just something I was thinking about after the second puking session last night, when my son didn't want me to put new pajamas on him after I washed him off in the tub. He just wanted to sit snuggled in a towel on my lap while I sat on the closed toilet in the bathroom.

There's no doubt in my mind that cleaning up vomit is one of my least favorite parenting tasks. But there, nestled with my cheek against his head, him snuggling into me because all he wanted was to be in my arms, was one of the sweetest things I've ever experienced. (More so because this was the child that I didn't feel I connected with for the first year of his life.)

So I'm wondering if any of you had felt like sometimes the super-bad things are connected to, or have led to, the best things. In your relationships with your kids, or course, but also in other areas.