Do your kids have allergies?

I have in my possession a new wonder product (allegedly) that purports to alleviate the symptoms of allergies to pollen, ragweed, and other tree/plant-based allergens. It's specially formulated for kids, and contains no medication. (Think along the lines of that gel stuff you put in your nose to stop a cold.)

Since my kids don't have allergies (which I'm thankful for!), I'm looking for testers. The first 5 people to email me with "allergies" in the subject line with your mailing address gets a tube to test. The catch is that if you test it out you MUST send me feedback in the next two weeks which I'll post on the site as part of a review of the product (I'll use whatever name or fake name you give me to use to go with your review). If it works, great. If it doesn't work, we need to know that, too.  Gone!

FWIW, I wouldn't hesitate to try it out on my kids after reading the ingredients on the package. The magic is allegedly in the mode of delivery, which is patented, not any fancy and/or dangerous ingredient, and it was invented by a dad.