Oh, what the heck?

Let's just go whole-hog on this school thing. If you hate me you hate me.

Slim writes:

"I don't want to be That Parent. I amtrying to find the right point between sending the message that the world revolves around my child and sending the message that his opinion doesn't count. I don't think my child's personality meshes at all well with his teacher's, and I was thinking of sending her an e-mail asking how she thinks things are going and, depending on her response, saying that if there's another kindergarten parent who's really jonesing for a move, we would be happy to have our child swap.

But have any of the Moxites ever had their child change teachers? How and why? Looking for data points, especially for parents who weren't dealing with an utter disaster, but who had a situation that was suboptimal."

I *love* a princess-cut Moxite in a white gold setting.

Anyway, yeah. Good question. I was in exactly this place last year. The whole year I'd wished I'd switched.  OTOH, if I'd switched I may have convinced myself we could make it at that school and my son wouldn't be with the teacher he's with now, being a student instead of a teaching assistant.

There's definitely the opinion that kids need to learn to get along with people even when they don't like them, and I think there 's a ton of value in that. However, I really think kindergarten is too young for that, since at that age the teacher is such a huge influence and big part of their week.

The other question is how the teacher's going to feel about it. The teacher might think it's a great idea. Or the teacher might be completely insulted and then you'll be seen as That Parent for sure.

I wish I knew what to tell you. 54 weeks ago I'd have told you to talk to the principal, but I've lost a lot of my trust in the objectivity of the system and the players in it (the legacy of last year). (Which, incidentally, sucks, since my entire family are public school teachers and administrators. Nine of the people who show up for Thanksgiving dinner in my family work(ed) in public schools. It may have been extremely naive of me to think all educators were like them.)

Have you talked to any of the parents of kids in older grades? They might be able to tell you if the administration would even allow a switch, and can give you the low-down on the different teachers to see if one might be a better fit for your child.

I'd also think about whether it's just a matter of not getting along (so he isn't in love with her) or if it means bad things are going to happen to him in class. If it's just not getting along, then it may not be worth it to switch.

Anyone out there who switched? Or considered switching but didn't? How did it come out, and would you make the same decision again?