Product Review: Batter Blaster

If you're like me, you get a Million Dollar Idea every couple of hours or so. Anything from a Monkey Ranch to train monkeys to replace dropped pacifiers in the middle of the night, to very elaborate public toilets in NYC, to a full-body parent suit that would keep us dry and comfortable when pushing a stoller no matter what the weather, to any number of baby gadgets which I'd tell you about except I still harbor plans to manufacture them and sell the in the One Step Ahead catalog (aka SkyMall for Parents).

So I admire people who come up with a Million Dollar Idea and then actually act on that idea. Like the guy who thought, "I could make pancake batter out of organic ingredients, then put it in a Cheez Whiz can, so people could make one pancake or waffle at a time."

And if you're doing something that brilliantly goofy, you might as well call it Batter Blaster.

It's a completely bulletproof idea. Kids like pancakes, but adults don't always have time to mix up a batch. (Apparently it's also marketed to empty nesters or single people who only want a few pancakes at a time.) The mixes cut out some steps, but aren't that delicious, plus they contain a bunch of added preservatives and crap. Batter Blaster is made of organic ingredients and very few preservatives, so technically it's probably healthier than anything you could whip up yourself (unless you buy all organic cooking flours and sugars, etc.).

Confession: I don't like pancakes or waffles. (Although I love French toast. Go figure.) So this is perfect for me. My kids can have pancakes whenever they want, but I don't have to mix up a batch and then feel guilty for not wanting to eat any myself. I tried it out on the kids, and they both gave thumbs up on the flavor. I'm not sure it's better than my mom's recipe, but since I rarely make my mom's pancake recipe because I don't like pancakes, the kids are coming out ahead with the Batter Blaster any way you look at it.

The kids had fun spraying it into the pan themselves. And all I had to clean was the pan. No mixing bowl and measuring cups.

As far as I can tell, there are only two negative things about Batter Blaster. One is that it's on the pricey side: Around $4.80 for one can that makes 24 pancakes. (Although still way cheaper than going out for pancakes.) The other is that it's made of actual food and not chemicals, so it only lasts so long in your fridge before it goes bad. That means you can't stockpile cans of it in your emergency kit. So no pancakes In Case of Emergency.

But if you're willing to pay the money to have good, easy pancakes in the next few days, Batter Blaster is one of those iedas that makes you annoyed you didn't think of it yourself.

The thing I think would make Batter Blaster truly amazing is if they'd make a gluten-free version. Think about the awesomeness of being able to make gluten-free pancakes or waffles by the piece. One GF person in a house of gluten-eaters could still have pancakes! But maybe I shouldn't have given away that particular Million Dollar Idea...

(The Batter Blaster people sent me a can to test out, but I got no compensation except the actual batter.)