Sharing morning routines

We did a post about this last year, and it was really helpful to me to see how people do things in the morning. I thought we could do it again, now that school's started.

I'll start:

Parameters: NYC. Two kids, one in public all-day school and one in preschool afternoons a few days a week. No car. Mom with full-time job. Cats not at all helpful with morning routine.

* Alarm goes off at 7 am, but I've almost always been awakened before then by one or both of the kids and/or one or both of the cats. Sometimes all four are on top of me, fighting for covers.

* Get up, lay out clothes for both boys. Get their breakfast (cereal with milk or toast or eggs or frozen waffles by request). Feed cats and change their water.

* Take a shower, brush hair (wet--I know, not good), get dressed.

* Make lunch for older son (pull sandwich and baggie of tomatoes or carrots out of fridge, pop in cookies, refill water bottle, zip up Yankees lunchbag).

* Mediate some disagreements. Stuff younger child into his clothes and talk to older while he puts on his own clothes.

* Last-minute annoyance du jour--meter reader arriving, changing garbage, changing cat litter. Grab both razor scooters, my bag, older's backpack, and leave at 8:10.

* Walk/scoot four blocks to subway. Take subway four stops, then switch to another line. Take that one stop, then walk/scoot a few blocks to older's school.

* Drop off older around 8:46 for bell of 8:50. Meet babysitter in front of school and hand off younger.

* Walk back to subway. Take subway four stops. Walk five blocks to office. Done with morning schlep! Time to scrounge for breakfast at the office and coffee.

This is all predicated on having finished all the homework the night before and having it back in the backpack, having dishes washed and laundry done and folded and put away. (I try to do a load every night if I can--we have a machine on our floor, and it's $2 to wash and $2 to dry.) I also make the lunch sandwich and bag the veggies the night before, and have a vague idea of what I'm going to wear.

My goal is to get us all to a place of having clothes for M-F all chosen by Sunday night and stacked up or on hangers so we can just grab and go in the morning.

Your turn.