Insitutions vs. individuals

You know how sometimes it seems like the universe/God/chance wants you to get a message, so the same thing keeps happening?

For the past few weeks I've been getting the lesson again and again that while institutions may be inflexible, inhumane, disorganized, and cruel, individual people are kind, resourceful, funny, and generous.

Huge line at airport security? People in line are funny and holding stuff for each other while we take off our shoes.

Baby crying because we've been on the tarmack for 70 minutes? People start digging in their purses and pockets for stuff the baby can play with.

Presentation about to be screwed up because the hosting location lied about their tech capabilities? Taxi driver who drives like the wind and tells funny jokes will wait for me to get backup stuff from my hotel.

Just kind, engaged, helpful people all around. Even when they can't solve your complete problem because the system won't let them.