It's the economy, smarties

Good news--but I can't share with the internets until the real-life players know. Maybe next week, so stay tuned.

As you all know, I live in NYC, where there's a whole lotta finance going on. And all the recent economic things are freaking people out here. I kind of don't know what to think. I don't anticipate that my kids and I will be out on the street, and I'm fairly certain that the economy will eventually recover.

But I know a lot of people are really worried about things. I thought maybe here would be a place where people could talk about it in a safe way, where we could share the "trivial" worries we have. If there are any economy wonk parents here maybe you could give us your predictions. I'd also be interested to hear from people who are not in the US about what's happening where you live. (And I know so many of us are waiting to see how things turn out with the US elections, but I'm hoping we can stay meta with any political analysis and not get too invested in ways that could be hurtful to others.)

I'll start with the first question: I was thinking now might be a good time to call my credit card company and ask them to lower my balance. (I'm a single mom stuck in a too-expensive apartment and a not-high-paying job--of course I carry a balance.) Do you think they'll be more willing to go lower right now?