So let me get this straight...

I'm working essentially two full-time jobs and keeping up with all the normal October things (school-related, etc.) and managing to stay healthy and in a decent humor, and now the Office of Pupil Transportation decides to cut costs by messing with the bus schedules in a way that makes no sense?

Yesterday the bus was 40 minutes late AND had to stop at a completely different school on the way to my son's school for no reason (no kids were picked up or dropped off there). Today it was 50 minutes late, but only 15 minutes later than the bus driver predicted (with such vitriol that I burst out laughing) yesterday.

Seriously, this is not cool. Joel Klein needs to investigate the OPT, because a third-grader could route these buses better that the adults at the OPT are.

I'd like to give a big shout-out to our awesome bus drivers Alex and Carlos who are rolling with the punches in a professional, kind, and humorous way, and to Tommy at the bus company, who is getting a lot of crap from both ends for something he has no control over, yet still picks up the phone when it's ringing.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the mysterious class.