Happy Birthday to Ask Moxie!

Three years ago was my first Ask Moxie post ever!

As some of you may recall, it kind of started as a joke. I used to leave advice on other people's blogs (mostly along the lines of "you're doing a good job--ignore the dogma") so some of my friends and readers said I should start an advice blog. So I did, thinking it would be kind of fun and funny.

And it was. And then it got kind of serious, and I started to get emails from people needing real help. At the same time, writing Ask Moxie was the only thing that made me feel like a worthwhile person (when I was in a crushing marriage). It let me know I was worth something.

So I thank you all for reading and commenting. For needing me and for giving to me. There are a lot of you out there now, and I'm working on a way for us all to connect more in 2009.

This is what I want you all to know on Ask Moxie's birthday:

You are doing a really good job. Both at parenting, and at being who you're supposed to be. Even if you don't feel like much right now, that's just the externals: sleep deprivation, drudgery, survival, making decisions you never thought you'd have to make. If now feels like a super-crappy time, it's probably because you didn't notice yourself spinning the chrysalis. You're inside now, working on stuff, and soon you'll come out and stretch your wings.

Those of us who are starting to come out the other side aren't forgetting what it's like, and we'll be here to help you.

Have a great year, everyone!