Q&A: One side is tastier than the other

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Lisa writes:

"So this must be an odd question because I can't seem to find much ofanything about it anywhere online. The problem I'm having is that my daughter (15mo.) is pretty much refusing to eat from my left breast. The right one is fine and dandy, but she'll only nibble on the left then back away and shake her head no. And I think the issue is that the two taste different. Maybe this is gross to some people but I tasted a drop from each breast and the right one is sweet as expected but the left was kind of sour or salty. I couldn't tell exactly from the little dribble on my finger but it was definitely different, and not in a good way.

Do you know why this might be happening or what to do about it? I'm stumped. I'm not pregnant (no chance), I started my period 2 months ago and the timing kinda fits but not exactly, I don't think I've changed anything in my diet, and I haven't been taking anything new other than fish oil... and the timing might fit but why would it only affect one breast? Any ideas Moxie?"

Yeah, I have no idea, but I do know this preference for one side over the other is not odd or unusual at all. It happened for awhile with my older son, and each of my boys showed a strong preference for one side over the other for periods of time.

(My first son liked my left breast better than my right for awhile, and I was convinced it was because I'm overwhelmingly right-handed, so maybe the right side tasted more gamey or something, like the difference between light meat and dark meat. Ah, sleep deprivation...)

I don't think there really is anything to be done about it, except to file it in the "Bodies Are Strange" file. At this age you don't need to be worried about your production, so you'll adjust and your right breast will produce what she needs. The biggest problem will be that your right breast might be larger than your left one until you wean. But since almost everyone is a little mismatched anyway...

Does anyone know why this happens, or have any stories, or remember where my original post was about this? I know I've written on this exact question before, but just couldn't find it.