Q&A: babies seeing ghosts?

And now for something *completely* different. Brenda writes:

"I have a question that used to bother me but not that muchanymore. (At least not for now until my younger kid gets a little older.)

My question is: Do you believe that babies and toddlers can see entities of another realm (as in spirits, ghosts etc.) that we can't?

My son is now 3 years old. He used to look at, point to and make "eh eh" sounds at two particular corners of our bedroom. I have never seen anything there that may interest him - no interesting patterns or intriguing colours. Now he no longer does that but would sometimes walk over to those two areas to take a look and briskly walk away. (I'm getting goosebumps as I type this.) I know there's a school of thought that says that some kids have the ability to see things that we adults can't, and as they get older and start expressing themselves, they lose that ability. This is how the "other realm" keeps itself separate from ours. I have horrific thoughts sometimes and keep picturing scenes from the trailers of the movie "The Messengers". I'm now just hoping my 7-month-old doesn't start doing the same thing as well.

Do you or your readers have any thoughts that you would like to share on this? I know this is a rather sensitive and disturbing topic, but I'm curious about other parents' experiences and what they have done about it."

<Insert your own "I see dead people" joke here.>

You know, I don't think it matters if *I* believe they see anything.

So much truly strange, unexplainable stuff has happened to me in the last several years that I don't discount anything. But at the same time I completely understand how other people don't think strange stuff can happen. It's all your own personal experience. In my experience.

Is there a way for you to switch rooms in your living space so your kids don't have to be in that room as much? That might make you feel better about things.

Anyone want to debate whether or not kids can see stuff like that? Or talk about personal experiences with it?