Q&A: Stroller in bad weather

.....And I'm back. (You guys know I'm not actually gay, right, just supporting repealing Prop 8? If I was gay you'd already know it by now. I got an email from a high school friend congratulating me on coming out, and I thought that was funny. Anyway.)

So here's today's question, sent in by a lovely lady in a walking-friendly city in Canada who did not want to be named:

"how do i do this??? i have a 5-month-old and we can't stay inside all day, but it's so crappy out that I can't stand walking around outside. my baby's all strapped into her stroller all warm and snuggly and protected with the cover and wind shield, but i'm freezing my ass off even all bundled up."

Did I ever mention to you guys my idea for the Parent Suit? (I'm going to get production up and running just as soon as I establish my Monkey Assistant Training Camps.) I'd buy a whole bunch of NASA surplus astronaut suits and trick them out so a parent could be completely temperature-controlled and protected from the weather in the suit. Encapsulated, but able to walk around outside. Cool in the summer (plus protected from the sun), dry in the rain (and humidity-controlled), and warm in the winter (plus protected from the snow). I'd sell them in the One Step Ahead catalog (aka Baby SkyMall) and retire off my profits.

Seriously, though, you have a couple of options. The first is to invite all your friends and their babies over to your place. You get the mental stimulation you need without actually having to go outside.

The second is to see if you can do what you need to do while wearing your baby instead of strolling. If you put the baby in a sling/wrap/bjorn/snuggly/whatever under your coat, you can bundle yourself up and go more quickly than you do pushing a stroller.

The third option is just to resign yourself to slogging through the disgusting weather until spring. I wish I had something better than that, but I could never figure out how to make it not suck to have to transport kids in the weather without a car.

Does anyone else have anything for our anonymous Canadienne? Only 5 more months until May...