Remember back when you thought the phrase "seeing stars" was figurative? It isn't.

I just can't finish and post the post I was working on last night, because this morning T was jumping in excitement and clocked me with the top of his hard little head in my nose so hard I saw stars (really) and almost threw up. So I've been trying to sleep it off all day, but all the bones in my face are aching. I don't think anything's broken, although how would I know? My actual nose feels fine, but my cheekbones back to my ears and forehead are throbbing and tender.

But enough about my problems. Today's question, since I can't muster anything better, is: What is the most painful experience you've had with your child? (And let's say birth doesn't count, or else it could turn into misery poker.)

I'm going to pop some more ibuprofen and see if slouching upright on the couch does more for me than lying down did.