Q-but-no-real-A: Cabin fever

I've got cabin fever, she's got cabin fever, we've got cabin fever...

Here in the US it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which means kids have a school holiday, and many adults are off work, too. Combine that with our freakish snowfall and coldsnap at the end of last week that canceled things in many areas, and some of us are staring at some pretty serious cabin fever.

I was hoping we could talk about some ideas to combat it, since no one likes feeling like they're in the middle of The Shining (with the role of Jack played by your 4-year-old).

True confession: I get off easy, since my kids' dad came to get them yesterday, so my kids get a change of scenery, different toys, different food, etc. So I'm not currently having this problem (I'm painting my apartment instead), but I know tons of you are.

I only have a couple of suggestions:

Go outside anyway. Assuming it's not sleeting or below -10F, kids can really stand a few  minutes outside if they're wearing warm clothing. Running around outside will keep them warmish, and even a few minutes can "blow the stink off" (ah, my mother and her Midwesternisms) enough to give everyone a little head space.

Wii. If you don't have one, you probably know someone who does. If you can make it over to their house, you and the other adults can chill while the kids get some exercise with the Wii sports or other games.

Fantasy. See if you can get the kids involved in helping you plan where you're going to go on vacation next year at this time. Then have them hrelp you calculate how much money you'll need to save every week to be able to do it. A family goal!

What do you have?