Managing stress

Hi. Help.

I've got way too much to do, and not enough time or energy to do it all. Some of it is awesomely fantabulous, and some of it is neutral, and some of it is remarkably odious. But it's all just too much right now.

So how do you guys manage? My coping mechanism from the last, say, 35 years--stress eating--is not serving me well. (Duh.)

I tend to be an "the only  way around it is through it" kind of person, so I don't do much self-care and just try to shove through. But that doesn't seem like a particularly healthy way of dealing with things. I think I've also got some birthday stuff going on (it's tomorrow, and I'm going to write about it tomorrow).

So, suggestions on managing stress? Or just a place to list your stress? It feels like there's an awful lot of kid sleep crap going around now, and a sad number of people who are realizing they may need to have to end their relationships.