Q&A: pillow talk

I finally got antibiotics today! Extra-special thanks to the Nurse Practitioner at my doctors' office who actually listened to my symptoms and story and took me seriously, and wrote out the next four steps we'll try if the antibiotics don't knock out this cough that's been exhausting me and keeping me awake for six weeks now. Maye now I can stay awake long enough to actually get some posts up before 10 am...

Molly writes:

"When do kids start using pillows? My super-tall, 2.5-year-old daughteris now in a toddler bed and she looks funny to me without a pillow, though she's sleeping well and seems comfortable. When do people start using pillows? Are there special kid pillows available? Pillows pillows pillows."

In my apartment, kids started using pillows when they asked for them, I think. My oldest one started wanting a pillow right around 2 1/2, and his younger brother had one before then because he saw everyone else with a pillow. I don't have super-soft pillows, and both of my kids were strong and had no problems dealing with blankets at that age.

I don't remember it as being a big deal, but wouldn't have offered up pillows if they hadn't been interested at the time.

Are there any chiropractors out there who could talk about when or if there's a need to use a pillow at a certain age, if ever? And for everyone else, when did your kids start using pillows? Was the transition an issue?