Q&A: car seats in hot weather

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Heather writes:

"Any suggestions {or perhaps your community will have them} for aconvertible car seat for a VERY sweaty baby who is about to have his first Georgia summer? I love our infant system seat but even in the winter he'd come out of it sweat soaked. I need ideas if anybody has got them."

I am out of the car seat loop personally (my younger is in the same convertible I've had for years, and my older is in a belt-positioning booster), but this almost seems like more of a car seat *cover* issue than a car seat issue.

Most of the car seat covers seem to be made of that plush polyester that is supposed to feel nice, but really doesn't breathe. So maybe the question should be whether people know of a car seat that comes with a cover made of natural fibers, or if there's a natural fiber cover you can buy to fit car seats.

I know there are plenty of you out there in hot climates who must have some best practices for car seats in hot weather to share with Heather and the rest of the readers. Suggestions?