Q&A: diaper gel explosion

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Laurie writes:

"For my son's first year I was a stay at home mom and used cloth diapers.  I went back to work in October when he was just over a year and switched to disposables.  Twice this week we have gotten up in the
morning to discover that the diaper has "exploded" and the gel crystals are all over him.  He doesn't seem to be too bothered but I'm not happy.  I don't think the diaper is too small.  He's wearing size 3 during the day and size 4 overnight.

He does like to hump his toy truck that he sleeps with.  Could that be the reason the diaper is exploding?

Does this happen to others?  Is there any thing I can do to prevent it?"

I kind of think this is a problem of the age. Right now he's almost 18 months, correct? With my oldest one I was still using cloth then and trying to figure out how many doublers I needed to stop the nighttime leaking. And with my second at that stage I was using disposibles, and had the same leaking problem (although I've blocked out any gel leakage).

It seems like this may be some kind of physical spurt that makes them pee on a different schedule, so they pee more at night, and leak througgh their diapers, no matter what kind you're using.

Did anyone else go through this? I remember trying a bunch of things to fix the leakage problem, but before I could pinpoint anything that worked, the kid just grew out of it. If anyone has any tricks, we'd appreciate hearing them.